no shoes. just socks.
I’ll just burry it way in the back, like I did my feelings
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I went home on the weekend and it was lovely and I already miss it again. I only cried a little this time.

It was worth the 4 and a half hour drive to uni this morning along with the 4.30am wake up.

Hoping today brings good news and I get to see diaryofthelegallybrunette after this lecture 😊😊😊😊

Started the day crying because I can’t go home.

Finishing the day with a job :)

The realisation that tomorrow my bank account will be empty and I can’t go home even if I wanted to.
Cue tears. I miss home.

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It’s ridiculous how much I’m crying right now and home much I just want to go home. 

And that’s it.

I spent today scrubbing walls. The oven. Floors. Cupboards. Crying.

My best friend told me she’s not coming to my going away breakfast because it’s too hard for her. I’m so deeply hurt, I get it’s hard but it’s just as hard if not harder for me.

My home for over 3 years is no longer mine. A town I called home for 20 years is no longer home.

And that’s that, the end of my country life.

And there it goes.

Crying on my bathroom floor.
He just left because I was shitty and took it out on him. I told him why and he got shitty and left.

Why? Because I feel so unsupported by people here. Because everyone is just angry at me for leaving. I just wish they supported me in my decision to better my life. I’m tired of doing this all alone.

i’m having a really hard time to be excited and keep it together for this move. Only 3 more days. It seems the people closest have all decided to avoid me in these last days and I can’t help but be so fucking sad. 

I know, onto another chapter. I want to enjoy these last few days in this chapter, I want to be around the people I love and yet i’m packing my house and moving alone.

  • Packing my entire life is hard. i’m struggling to be motivated. 
  • I’m varying between high moods and lows. It changes a lot.
  • I have 3 days to empty my current place. 
  • I can’t move anything until Wed night/Thurs.
  • Carpet cleaning needs to be done Friday.
  • Selling things is giving my bank account a much needed boost. 
  • I’m stumped. 
  • I’m over packing. I don’t want to do this anymore. 




I think I made the right decision.
I find myself sitting here today not wanting to make the 4hr drive back to swan hill. As scary as it is, I can’t wait for melbourne to be my home.



Ate so much food I feel like I’m about to vomit. That or I need a good poop.

Them feels. I feel them.

I need to stop getting distracted by tumblr and pack. 

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